Transport services

Transportation of Radioactive Substances

Theta Consult has a long experience in the transport of radioactive substances. According to the European agreement for international transport of hazardous materials by road – ADR, these are hazardous materials of Class 7.
Since 2001, Theta Consult is licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, which allows transport of radioactive substances in various packages and various categories – I-white, II-yellow and III-yellow with a maximum transport index (TI) 5.
Theta Consult has 2 consultants and 6 ADR certified drivers, who have successfully passed courses held by the Executive Agency “Automobile Administration”. Our vehicles, licensed to transport hazardous materials of Class 7 are 3 vans and 1 truck.ЛИЦЕНЗИЯ_ПРЕВОЗ_РАВ-Т-5506.jpg

Licensed vehicles

Peugeot Boxer


Mercedes 313

Heavy Machinery





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