Process control

Supplies and maintenance of process control equipment


Equipment for Control of Technological Characteristics – Level, Density, Concentration, etc.

The tendencies at the industrial development and manufacturing automation require development of extremely precise measurement equipment, working at extreme conditions. Theta Consult Ltd offers a wide range of latest generation process control devices.

The process control systems, manufactured by Berthold Technologies GmbH, are operating successfully in various enterprises at the chemical industry, petrol and gas industries, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, waste-water treatment, energy production etc.

The contactless measurement ensures reliable operation even at extreme conditions – high temperatures, high pressure, hazards corrosion environment etc.

Thanks to the external installation, the measurement devices can be easily installed in existing systems, without process interruption or upgrade of the installation.

The company supplies, commissions and maintains radioisotope density meters, level meters, level alarms, systems for measurement of sugar content, concentration etc.

  • Level switches
  • Continious level
  • Density
  • Concentration
  • Flow
  • Moisture content
Level switches

Radiometric level switches are widely used into the industry, because of their secure alarming in case of achieved high or low levels in different vessels and reservoirs.



Continious level

Radiometric level meters are used for continuous measurement of the current level of the vessel’s content.

The controlled measurement range can vary form a couple of millimeters to tens of meters.



Radiometric density meters can be used for density measurement of all liquid and bulk materials,

including acids, alkaline or saline solutions and suspensions.



Using the latest technologies for microwave transmission, the following could be measured: dry substance, brix, concentration and water content.

The systems have been proven to be extremely accurate and reliable – for measuring different liquids as well as for pastes and suspensions.



Radiometric conveyor belt scales are used to measure the mass flow rate of pneumatically conveyed or free-falling materials.

The systems can be installed on various mechanical transport systems such as band and chain conveyors.


Moisture content

For a continuous moisture measurement in solids is used the method for deceleration of the neutrons.

Installation of the neutron probe can be accomplished in two ways, both at depth within the vessel itself and on the wall surface of the container containing the measured product.


Here you can ask your questions related to non-intrusive technology control systems. You can ask for a consultation or request service and maintenance of existing systems.


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