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provided by Theta-Consult Ltd.

Over the years, Theta Consult has proven its capabilities and professional excellence in a number of activities. Here are some of them:

  • Aerial Gamma Scanning (radiation reconnaissance) of large areas with large-volume scintillation detectors carried by a helicopter; assessment of radioactive contamination; radiation maps
  • Ground inspection (radiation reconnaissance) of elements, part of the infrastructure (terrains, roads, buildings, facilities, etc.); identification, localization and marking of areas with radioactive contamination.

  • Radiation control of objects from operational, environment and living environment (measuring the dose rate of gamma, X-ray and neutron radiation; surface alpha and beta contamination; testing samples; measuring radon, etc.);
  •  Consultancies, developments and expert evaluations; complete engineering and project management in the field of radiation control, radiation protection, technological control and security systems;

  • Radiation control of solid materials intended for recycling, reuse or treatment as non-radioactive waste; exemption from regulatory control (unconditional and conditional);
  • Treatment of earth masses and sludge, sorting by degree of contamination, landfilling and reclamation of terrains;
  • Deliveries, commissioning, technical maintenance and repair of equipment used for radiation and dosimetric control technological control devices, including those containing sources of ionizing radiation; X-ray scanners for checking people, vehicles, luggage and cargo; security devices and systems, access control and video surveillance, communication equipment, etc.

  • Working with ionizing radiation sources;
  • Transport of radioactive substances
  • Tightness check of radioactive sources (indirect and direct methods of verification); assessment of the sources suitability;
  • Methodologies instructions and procedures preparation for radiation control and radiation protection; staff trainings;
  • Solving irrational tasks related to radiation.
  • Publishing of specialized literature, etc.

…and solving any other non-standard task

related to radioactivity


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