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Theta Consult certifies Information Security Management System according to ISO / IEC 27001: 2017

09.02.2021Theta Consult

Theta Consult certifies the Information Security Management System (ISMS) according to the ISO 27001 standard

Hooray, we already have a SUSI Certificate! From 2019 Theta Consult Ltd. is working on the priority goal Development, implementation and Certification of Information Security Management System (ISMS), but for various reasons, this still did not happen.

From the beginning of 2020, at the insistence of the top management, more decisive steps were taken and with the help of a consulting company and the mobilization of its own staff, things worked out.

The new system includes both the general characteristics (processes) of a Management System (MS) and very specific requirements (controls) for Information Security (IS), and thus the whole ISMS system is formed.

A team of three specialists (Responsible for the three systems: ISMS, OHSAS and QMS) works under pressure (due to the short deadlines), but responsibly and selflessly. So, the collective mind and efforts gave the desired result!

At the end of March, a certification organization conducted an audit (remote) and Theta Consult received a good assessment of what was done, and in early May received the desired Certificate of Conformity of SUSI with the requirements of BDS EN ISO / IEC 27001: 2017 .

Congratulations on your success! Congratulations to the company and staff!


Theta Consult at a career forum in London

09.02.2021Theta Consult

Participation of Theta Consult in

Career Forum of Bulgarians in Great Britain


This year Theta Consult Ltd. was invited to take part in a Career Forum for Bulgarians in the UK, organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. The event was held on March 7, 2020 at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in London. The aim was to acquaint the visitors, through direct contact with employers, with the state of the economy and the labor market in Bulgaria, as well as with the new financial incentives for people with higher education who would like to return and realize professionally in their homeland.


The representatives of Theta Consult gave a presentation, through which they acquainted the attendees with the activities of the company and the opportunities for development it offers. They managed to create a friendly atmosphere and good mood during the meetings and conversations with our compatriots there. Many of the forum visitors showed interest in the company, asked a lot of questions and left their CVs in the name of future relationships. Among those present were a wide variety of specialists in management, law, finance, engineering and other sciences.

This Career Forum in London was part of a series of planned forums abroad to motivate and attract Bulgarian citizens studying and working outside the country to return and find professional realization in Bulgaria.


FeverBlock – fast and safe measurement of body temperature of large flows of people

09.02.2021Theta Consult

Theta Consult presented on the Bulgarian market a new product for monitoring body temperature of large flows of people of the leading manufacturer of security systems NUCTECH. The FeverBlock system combines an infrared thermal imaging camera and powerful self-learning algorithms to provide fast and accurate, non-contact temperature measurement to multiple people and to alert in real time when a person passes a temperature higher than normal. The system captures infrared radiation from people’s faces, and the calculation algorithms are adapted so that the measurement is not disturbed by accessories such as face masks or glasses, as well as by objects with a higher temperature, such as hot drinks cups, rechargeable batteries and others. FeverBlock self-calibrates to ambient temperature, thus reducing the measurement error to ± 0.3 ° C. In addition, the system takes into account the changing distance to the measurement object, which minimizes the typical deviations in temperature measurements of moving objects with standard infrared cameras.



FeverBlock is designed to operate successfully in places with large flows of people, such as airports, ports, public transport stops, hotels, hospitals, factories and industrial enterprises, malls and supermarkets. Thanks to its ability to measure the temperature of several people at once on the go, the system manages to monitor 120 people per minute without creating a risk of infecting control personnel. FeverBlock has its own computer with specialized software and a database in which only cases exceeding the alarm levels are recorded, and the recorded results can be displayed in the form of valuable statistics for effective management of potential epidemics.


Participation in the 48th National Conference of Physics

09.02.2021Theta Consult

On 2, 3 and 4 October 2020 in the building of the Faculty of Physics on Sofia University “St. Cl. Ohridski ”the 48th National Conference on Physics Education was held on the topic“ Nuclear Physics and Energy in Physics Education ”. The conference was opened by the President of the Union of Physicists Prof. Al. Draishu, and the chairman of the Organizing Committee for the conference was Prof. I. Lalov. Congratulatory addresses were from the Ministry of Education and Science, BAS, NRA, Union of Scientists and others.


Органа за контрол на Тита-Консулт

The Head of the Control Body Ivaylo Pastuhov gave a presentation in the Higher Education section on Modern applications of nuclear physics to ensure safety and security, acquainting the audience with the characteristics and capabilities of one of the systems available to the Authority – gamma camera POLARIS-HTM 2.0.

Представяне на Polaris-H 2.0

Theta Consult Ltd., represented through its Control Body, was among the co-organizers and participants in this conference. The members of the Control Body prepared a stand in the lobby of the faculty with advertising materials for the activity of the company, for the suppliers of various equipment, specialized literature, as well as demonstration of some used devices / systems for radiation control.

Щандът на Тита-Консулт

The conference was attended by teachers and university professors from schools across the country. The meetings were divided into sections Higher and Secondary Education, there was a Youth Scientific Session and a Poster Exhibition, as well as Invited Papers with interesting titles. The closing of the conference took place in the Regional Historical Museum of Sofia (former Central Bath), with awards and a talk on the history of the city.


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