Accredited Control Body Type C

The initial accreditation of Theta Consult’s type C radiation Control Body is done in 2013 according to  БДС EN ISO/IEC17020:2005.

In 2014 the company migrated to the revision of the standard БДС EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 and in 2015 the scope of the accreditation was extended.


Theta Consult’s radiation Control Body has an accreditation range unique for Bulgaria. We are the only control body which aside from the standard measurements like

       1. Equivalent dose rate from gamma rays and

       2. Surface contamination,

are offering also accredited measurements and control of:

       3. Equivalent dose rate from neutrons and X-rays

       4. Air tightness testing of sources of ionizing radiation used in industry, medicine and science;

       5. Radon measurements in air (using 2 methods), in water and above the soil.

Our radiation Control Body is the first one in Bulgaria, accredited for performing radiation control of solid materials (metals and construction materials), intended for recycling, secondary use or treatment as non-radioactive waste, i.e providing accredited results, which serve as base for the decisions of the so called conditional and unconditional release of materials, for example from NPP.


Most often the radiation Control Body executes radiation control of working environment at medical facilities, for instance different oncology medical centers, where various appliances use radiation sources or generate radiation – X-ray devices, scanners, linear accelerators, positron emission tomographs (PET scanners), gamma irradiation systems, etc.


Another area, where we are performing radiation control is the industry, where we check the radiation fields nearby the sources of ionizing radiation, and also their sealing. This is done in order to determine whether their future exploitation is safe after the terms advised by the manufacturers expire.

We are performing radiation control of the environment, for example areas with or nearby ore mining and ore processing, where natural radiation can be increased.

Last but not least, our customers are people who want radiation control to be made on their home –  apartments, houses, living environment etc., in order to realize how the terrain under their home or the used construction materials impact the local radiation background.


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