FeverBlock – fast and safe measurement of body temperature of large flows of people

09.02.2021Theta Consult

Theta Consult presented on the Bulgarian market a new product for monitoring body temperature of large flows of people of the leading manufacturer of security systems NUCTECH. The FeverBlock system combines an infrared thermal imaging camera and powerful self-learning algorithms to provide fast and accurate, non-contact temperature measurement to multiple people and to alert in real time when a person passes a temperature higher than normal. The system captures infrared radiation from people’s faces, and the calculation algorithms are adapted so that the measurement is not disturbed by accessories such as face masks or glasses, as well as by objects with a higher temperature, such as hot drinks cups, rechargeable batteries and others. FeverBlock self-calibrates to ambient temperature, thus reducing the measurement error to ± 0.3 ° C. In addition, the system takes into account the changing distance to the measurement object, which minimizes the typical deviations in temperature measurements of moving objects with standard infrared cameras.



FeverBlock is designed to operate successfully in places with large flows of people, such as airports, ports, public transport stops, hotels, hospitals, factories and industrial enterprises, malls and supermarkets. Thanks to its ability to measure the temperature of several people at once on the go, the system manages to monitor 120 people per minute without creating a risk of infecting control personnel. FeverBlock has its own computer with specialized software and a database in which only cases exceeding the alarm levels are recorded, and the recorded results can be displayed in the form of valuable statistics for effective management of potential epidemics.



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