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During his 15-year history THETA CONSULT Ltd. has completed various activities, but more recently has specialized in the following areas:

  • Radiation control (consults and supplies equipment for such control of various industrial objects, including for individual doismetric control of persons/entities; completing assembly, commissioning, maintenance and service/repair of such equipment; organizing training of the personnel and development of supporting documents)

  • Radiation survey (consults and performs such survey of different industrial and civil objects, premises, terrains and others, including after accidental situations; works out an assessments and predictions for these cases)

  • Work with sources of ionizing radiation (consults and performs sampling of various objects for non-destructive/instrumental analysis for content of different radionuclides; works out a supporting documents for these cases)

  • Transport of radioactive materials (the company possesses a Mobile Radiometric Laboratory, which has a License for conducting such activities and accepts orders for transport of radioactive substances/materials from various Customers)

  • Radiation protection (at the company’s disposal are various Titles/Books in this field, thanks to its Publishing House Theta Consult; these Titles/Books can be purchased by different Customers; the company performs consulting and expert’s reports; prepares various documents and conducts a training)

For any other activity, concerning radioactivity, sources, protection, etc., please, contact us and we will advise you. If we cannot resolve your problem, we will redirect you towards our Partners in the branch. Let’s work together!